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No One's Cow

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PDX Magazine

A 2013 litrary and arts project with contributors that include Famous Author Mykle Hansen, Mike Allen, ...

Ford Gallery


Essays, Etc

Malheur Diary

A Twitter experiment and the story behind it -- "Trolling the Bundy Militia" -- from The Big Smoke.

Trick or Tweet

DJTJ and a Halloween lesson on the horrors of socialism.

President Trump's First Press Conference

Written before the 2016 election, an all-to-prescient take on the Trump Administration. Seemed funny at the time. Click here to watch the live performance at Last Saturday Salon.

Tiegate: A Father's Day Conspiracy

A true conspiracy FACT.

VIDEO. Last Saturday Salon: Rose Variety or Obscure Sex Act? and The Demon Covfefe Visits

Special shout out to Danny Norton for his demonic acting and to Vince Kramer for his perverted action figures.

VIDEO. "No One's Cow" performed at Foster Art Night.

AUDIO. "Dark Like Wood." Recorded 1994-ish by Ron Gnadinger, Houghton, MI.


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